Meet our team

At Booxby, we care deeply about books and reading and we thought to show you the books that had the biggest impact on our lives. The work of these authors engaged, awakened or inspired us—and we hope the bridge we're building at Booxby does the same for you.



Holly Payne, CEO & Founder

Award-winning international author
Award-winning independent publisher
Founder, Skywriter Books
Professor, AAU, UCSF, CCA, Stanford
Founder, Skywriter Series Writing Workshops
20 years publishing experience


Josh Conviser, VP Strategy

Author, Random House
Screenwriter, HBO
Film, TV Producer
20 years publishing experience
AB, Princeton


Stuart Powers, Lead Engineer

Data Scientist, ML - SportsManias
Software Engineer - LevelUp
Technical Advisor - Lagniapp
Software Engineer - Rednote
Lead Engineer, CoFounder - Moving Metrics


Justin Wang, Data Scientist

Data Scientist- Pandora
Data Scientist - Orange Silicon Valley
Analyst - Quest Diagnostics
UCLA  M.S. New Haven


Jonathan Lansey NLP Data Science

Data science, ML and A.I. Founder
- Loud Bicycle
Trustee - The Awesome Foundation
Data Science - WHOOP
Analytics - Quanttus


Jason Sroka, Advisor-Analytics

VP Analytics - Temperature Alert
Analytics - Quanttus
Analytics - Confidential
Analytics - Selventa
PhD, Harvard, MIT

Booxby Advisors

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Mark Bregman, Co-Founder
Advisor - Tech
CTO & VP, NetApp (present)
Senior VP and CTO,  Neustar
Executive VP, Symantec
CEO AirMedia, 16 years IBM
PhD, Columbia, Harvard

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Stephen Roux, Advisor - Foreign Markets

CEO - Dragon Tree Capital
Co-Founder - Dosatsu Labs
Southeast Asia Chairman, YPO Global Diplomacy Network
Vice Chairman - ADC Asia 100
developer, digital media, serial entrepreneur


Rod Schultz, Advisor - Product

Chief Product Officer, Rubicon Labs
Senior Computer Scientist – Adobe
Project Lead – Adobe Primetime DRM
Co-Founder and CTO, Pencil Works
UNC Chapel Hill, Berkeley

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Mike Beebe, Advisor - Finance

CEO/CFO Dstillery
SR Publishing Analyst - Goldman Sachs Publishing Industry Analyst Viking, Soros & Citadel - Media, Internet & Consumer Investor Mojave Capital - Founder & CIO
20 years as publishing analyst

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Bo Vargas, Advisor - AI

CTO, Kiddo (present)
Chief Architect - Quanttus
Chief Architect - Audax Health
Cyber warfare architect - Raytheon
Space/nuclear/cyber - US army
20 yrs in artificial intelligence


Luke Pustevjosky, Advisor - Strategy

COO, Delta Separations (present)
Interim CEO, Wisp
VP Business Development,
Calstar Products
Harvard, LSE