AI to monetize stories.

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What is Booxby?

Booxby™ is a SaaS cloud platform that uses AI to drive value creation for stories. We analyze narrative content to help our customers optimize the acquisition and marketing of their assets.

We received a National Science Foundation grant for our patent pending use of natural language processing and machine learning to aid the story industry: publishing, film, audio, and advertising.



The choices for story content are endless and the challenges of story discovery and monetization are pervasive across all media channels. How does anyone know how to effectively acquire or market this content, which keeps compounding each year?


Booxby built a cloud platform to connect story creators to story consumers—first serving publishing to aid book discovery from beginning to end. We bring A.I. powered analytics to predict sales and optimize marketing for story assets so that we can help story producers identify and connect great stories to their markets.



Booxby uses A.I. to see patterns that exist in narrative text, but can't be seen by the human eye. We're able to amplify unique voices of content creators around the world by eliminating biases that go into acquisition and marketing of their content, so that all great stories can reach their audience.


For publishers, agents and authors!

Every well-written book has an audience.
Booxby helps you identify it and sell more books.

Booxby presents a cloud-based tool that analyzes the text of books, offering A.I. generated data for the four stages of book discovery: manuscript development, acquisition, marketing, and consumer discovery.

Booxby 'reads' the book and gives you comps (beyond sales data and genre) and ELTs, our patent-pending Experiential Language Tags that quantify the reader experience prior to publication to help each book reach its full market potential.


Want to beta test?

We’re almost ready to launch.

If you’re an author or publisher interested in running your manuscript, please sign up as a free Charter Member and we’ll let you know when we’re ready!

Booxby is excited to be a companion to you on your publishing journey and offer you the insights you need to bring your book into the world. Thanks for your patience while we’ve tested our technology.


Our Impact

We take a humble approach to machine learning. At Booxby, it's not about the technology, it's about what our technology enables. Our ultimate impact will be to connect all great story content around the world to its intended audience—helping to build a more informed and engaged society.

Because we’re an author-founded company, we are first serving the publishing world.
We interviewed hundreds of readers about about why books matter to them. Some inspired us so much we made a film. Enjoy!


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A.I. and Publishing

What's all the talk about artificial intelligence and the publishing industry? We wrote a piece for the Huffington Post to inform you about the age of machine learning. It's here. It's exciting. And it's going to improve the way we bring books into the world.