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What is Booxby?

Booxby™ is an artificial intelligence platform for the publishing and film industry that connects original content to new markets.
We analyze the text of books to know their full market potential. Our innovation won a 2016 award from the National Science Foundation.



How do authors and publishers find the right market for their books without drowning inside an ocean of content?
How do readers find the right book in this ocean of 1.5 million books published annually (and rising)?


We built a bridge called Booxby to connect authors to readers and solve 'book discovery' from beginning to end. We bring A.I. powered analytics to book acquisition, positioning and marketing, and close the loop by connecting readers to books just right for them.



Booxby uses A.I. to see patterns that exist in written text, but can't be seen by the human eye. We're able to classify and organize enormous data sets to facilitate and individualize the transmission of wisdom and knowledge through the written word. 


For publishers, agents and authors!

Every well-written book has an audience.
Booxby helps you identify it and sell more books.

Booxby presents a cloud-based tool that analyzes the text of books, offering A.I. generated data for the four stages of book discovery: manuscript development, acquisition, marketing, and consumer discovery.

Booxby 'reads' the book and gives you comps (beyond sales data and genre) and ELTs, our patent-pending Experiential Language Tags that quantify the reader experience prior to publication to help each book reach its full market potential.


For readers!

Longing for the next book you'll love?

Let's face it, reading is an intimate experience. We want to help you fall in love with your next book, so we're building a bridge between authors and readers.

Booxby understands that books are an experience and helps you find books that suit your tastes and moods. Our mobile app offers you a personalized browsing experience at your fingertips — then lets you decide where and how you purchase the book.


Our Impact

We take a humble approach to machine learning. At Booxby, it's not about the technology, it's about what our technology enables. Our ultimate impact will be to expand a reader’s scope of what’s available, relevant and resonant with them—helping to build a more literate society and perpetuate a global love of reading.

We interviewed hundreds of readers about about why books matter to them. Some inspired us so much we made a film. Enjoy!


Video created by Cultivator Labs

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A.I. and Publishing

What's all the talk about artificial intelligence and the publishing industry? We wrote a piece for the Huffington Post to inform you about the age of machine learning. It's here. It's exciting. And it's going to improve the way we bring books into the world.