The right book

at the right time

We love the Bixby Bridge (above) in Big Sur, California, which Jack Kerouac and many
of the Beat writers crossed. We wager it was the connector of great minds that made 
a wonderful contribution to American literature——by shaking things up a bit. We love 
that bridge for all these reasons, and we hope you come to love ours at Booxby.

What is Booxby? (books-bee)

Booxby™ is a machine learning platform solving the publishing industry's biggest problem: book discovery.
We analyze the text of books to know their full market potential. Our innovation won a 2016 award from the National Science Foundation.

How do authors and publishers find the right market for their books without drowning inside an ocean of content?
How do readers find the right book in this ocean of 1.5 million books published annually (and rising)?

We built a bridge called Booxby to connect authors to readers and solve 'book discovery' from beginning to end. We bring modern analytics to book acquisition, positioning and marketing and close the loop by connecting readers to books just right for them.

For publishers, agents and authors!

Wondering if you are acquiring the right books? Need help understanding the full market potential of your books?

The Booxby platform offers a friendly, web-based tool that analyzes the text of your manuscript and provides analytics to understand 1) commercial and literary viability 2) comparable titles—beyond sales data 3) ELTs™ (Experiential Language Tags) that help you understand how the book will make readers feel. After all, we understand a book is an experience

We will release the Booxby Bridge™ tool in 2017, so please sign up and become a free Charter Member to test the beta.

Booxby Bridge.jpg

For readers!

We will release our book discovery service, first in an iPhone app—to enhance your reading experience, so please sign up and become a Charter Member to get free access to the beta, our first film clips, and test Booxby to find a book that's just right for you! With your input, we can build a lasting bridge between authors and readers.

Booxby Team


Holly Payne, MFA

CEO & Founder

Award-winning author
Award-winning indie publisher
Founder, Skywriter Books
Litquake advisory board
20 years publishing experience


Michael Beebe

Finance & STRATEGY

SR Publishing Analyst - Goldman Sachs Publishing Industry Analyst Viking, Soros & Citadel - Media, Internet & Consumer Investor Mojave Capital - Founder & CIO
20 years publishing analyst


Josh Conviser

Author Strategy

Author, Random House
Screenwriter, HBO
Film, TV Producer
A.B. Princeton
20 years publishing experience



Jason copy.png

Jason Sroka, PhD


VP Analytics - Temperature Alert
Analytics - Quanttus
Analytics - Confidential
Analytics - Selventa
PhD, Harvard, MIT


Mark Bregman, PhD

Advisor, Board

CTO, NetApp (present)
Senior VP and CTO,  Neustar
Executive VP, Symantec
CEO AirMedia, 16 years IBM
PhD, Columbia, Harvard



Jonathan Lansey


Data science, machine learning and A.I. Founder - Loud Bicycle
Trustee - The Awesome Foundation
Data Science - WHOOP
Analytics - Quanttus


Mitch Lowe

Advisor, Board

CEO, Moviepass (present)
Co-Founding VP Netflix
President, Founder RedBox
COO Redbox Automated Retail
CEO Quarterly.co


Bo Vargas


CTO, Kiddo (current)
Chief Architect - Quanttus
Chief Architect - Audax Health
Cyber warfare architect - Raytheon
Space/nuclear/cyber - US army
20 yrs in artificial intelligence

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-Team Booxby
p.s. yup, we know, there's two hugs and a kiss in our name—and we strive to deliver that.

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